Why the RNC has a huge affect on Milwaukee jobs

As a staffing firm dedicated to providing exceptional talent for major events, we are thrilled to see the Republican National Convention (RNC) come to Milwaukee on Monday, Jul 15, 2024 – Thu, Jul 18, 2024. This event is not just a political milestone but also an economic opportunity for our city. Here’s how the RNC will bolster jobs in Milwaukee.

Increased Temporary Employment

One of the most immediate benefits of the RNC is the boost in temporary employment. The hospitality and service industries are going to see a significant boost. Hotels will need extra housekeepers, concierges, and front desk staff to accommodate the large number of visitors. Restaurants, bars, and cafes will require additional servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff to handle the increased business.

The transportation and logistics industries will also experience higher demand. Drivers for rideshare services, taxis, and shuttle buses will be in high demand. Logistics companies will need additional staff to manage the transportation of goods and services required for the convention.

Event staffing is another critical area. Security personnel, ushers, ticket takers, and administrative staff are essential for the convention to run smooth. SITE Staffing is prepared to meet these needs by providing skilled and reliable workers.

Boost to Local Businesses

The RNC is an opportunity for local businesses. Retail stores, especially those near the convention center, can expect increased foot traffic and sales. Visitors will explore Milwaukee, shopping for souvenirs and local products, leading to a significant rise in retail revenue.

Tourism will see an uptick as well. Museums, local attractions, and tours will draw crowds of convention attendees looking to experience the city’s culture and history. This boost in tourism not only benefits the local economy but also creates temporary jobs in the tourism sector.

Local marketing firms will find new opportunities as well. Companies looking to promote their products or services to convention attendees will seek out local expertise in marketing and promotions, further driving economic activity in the city.

Long-term Economic Benefits

While the short term effects of the RNC are substantial, the long-term economic benefits are equally important. Preparations for the convention often involve significant infrastructure improvements. From upgrading roads to enhancing public transportation, these developments provide lasting benefits for the city’s residents and businesses. Construction jobs created in the lead-up to the event can have a ripple effect, leading to more long-term employment opportunities.

Hosting the RNC successfully can enhance Milwaukee’s reputation as a prime location for future conventions and large gatherings. This enhanced reputation can attract more events, bringing sustained economic benefits and ongoing job opportunities to the city.

Challenges and Temporary Nature of Jobs

The event can strain public services like transportation, sanitation, and law enforcement. The increased demand can put pressure on these services, affecting their efficiency and availability for local residents.

Local disruption is another concern. Road closures, crowded public spaces, and increased noise levels can inconvenience residents and disrupt daily life. However, these challenges are temporary and can be managed effectively with proper planning and communication.

Addressing Economic Disparities

While the RNC brings significant economic benefits, it’s crucial to ensure that these benefits are distributed evenly. Smaller local businesses might struggle to compete with larger companies that are better equipped to capitalize on the influx of visitors. As a staffing company, we are committed to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with the workforce they need to thrive during this busy period.

Why the Positives Outweigh the Negatives

Despite the challenges, the overall impact of the RNC on Milwaukee’s economy and job market is positive. The immediate economic boost from visitor spending in hotels, restaurants, and local attractions injects millions into the local economy, benefiting various sectors and supporting local businesses.

The creation of temporary jobs provides critical employment opportunities for individuals who might be searching for employment. The experience gained can be valuable for future job prospects.

Additionally, the RNC puts Milwaukee on the national and international stage, attracting future tourists, conventions, and business investments. This long-term promotional value ensures sustained economic benefits.

Infrastructure improvements made in preparation for the RNC have lasting effects, enhancing the quality of life for residents and improving the city’s economic prospects.


As a staffing firm focused on supporting Milwaukee during the RNC, SITE Staffing is excited about the opportunities this event brings. While there are challenges, the economic benefits and job creation outweighs the negatives. The RNC is a significant event for Milwaukee’s economy and job market, providing both immediate and long-term advantages. We are committed to helping our city make the most of this incredible opportunity. If you are looking for assistance staffing for finding employment, reach out to SITE Staffing at 414-383-8084 or email us at jobinfo@sitestaffinginc.com!


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