Candidate Testimonials

If you’re looking to be employed, I strongly suggest that you make an appointment with Site Staffing. They can find the right fit for you. Through Site I was able to raise my family. My sons are grown men now. They have seen the work ethic over the years. I was able to buy a home and take vacations every year. I started off as a temp and came to work each day with 4 core values: Attendance, Attitude, Teamwork, and Honesty. That landed me a full-time position.  You can do it too. I know life can be rough at times, these are the things that will make you into the person you are called to be. Make an appointment with site, take the first step in bettering your future! – Greg C.


I had the pleasure of working with SITE on a direct hire position when all others wanted contracts. They work hard, are honest, forthcoming, and best of all, your advocate. They want the best for their candidates. Being very pro-military, they look to find Veteran Ready companies. I’d call upon them again if I find myself in need. Thank you SITE for your help! – Mark T.


I was referred to SITE because they find good job positions. They paid good attention to my resume and took the time to review my skills and work history to find the best fit. I’m very satisfied by the attention to detail and was able to start in a position I was familiar with based on my previous experience. They were very personal and I would recommend them to everyone. – Guillermo T.


5 stars! They are passionate and go above and beyond to help others get a job. They not only got my foot in the door, but also helped prep me and was patient with my questions. I would recommend them to everyone! They need more recruiters like Morgan, she knows exactly what a company needs or wants and gets the right person in that position. Also, she responds back to emails, calls and doesn’t leave you hanging. Especially as a veteran and recently getting out of the military, she was by far the best job recruiter I have worked through and got me into my dream job. – Angelica M.


I met with Angel at SITE Staffing. The whole staff was very nice and helpful. I love my job because its light, easy, and I get to work individually. The supervisor at my new position is very nice and helpful. I would recommend SITE to anyone looking for work. – Silvia H.