Meet Shane Staiduhar, Your Account Representative

In the complex and fast-paced world of staffing and recruitment, a standout professional brings a mix of experiences to meet the challenges of the trade. Shane is an individual who brings over a decade of expertise in the recruitment realm, combined with a distinguished background as a U.S. Air Force veteran and a pivotal role in the Job Corps program. His story is not just one of career progression but a testament to the impact of diverse experiences in shaping a leader in the staffing industry.

A Veteran’s Discipline in Staffing

Shane’s six years in the United States Air Force taught him discipline and precision that have become the bedrock of his professional endeavors. The military experience, known for its rigor, structure, and high standards, provided Shane with a unique perspective on teamwork, leadership, and the importance of an approach to problem-solving. These skills translate seamlessly into the staffing world, where processes and efficiency are key to success.

From Job Corps to Industrial Leadership

After his military service, Shane transitioned to a role that would utilize his ability to guide and influence the workforce of tomorrow. As the OACTS Project Director for the Job Corps Program, a Department of Labor-funded trade program, he honed his ability to connect trade workers with long-term employment opportunities. This role was crucial in understanding the needs of both employers and job seekers in the trade industry—a sector that demands precision and a hands-on approach.

The Importance of Job Corps Experience

The Job Corps experience was more than a job; it was a mission for Shane. Here, he not only assisted young individuals in finding their career paths but also tackled the barriers that prevent a seamless entry into the workforce. This dive into the challenges and opportunities within the trade sector offered Shane the insights necessary to match the right individual with the right job. It’s this understanding of both sides of the employment equation that makes his service invaluable to employers.

A Personalized Approach to Recruitment

Now, as an Account Executive with SITE Staffing, Shane’s approach is deeply personalized. He believes in the importance of understanding an organization’s unique culture and needs by engaging with their teams and exploring their work environments. This direct engagement is not just about filling positions but ensuring the placement contributes positively to the company’s growth and culture—essentially, a tailored fit that benefits all.

The Veteran and Job Corps Edge in Staffing

Shane’s unique blend of experiences gives him an edge in the staffing industry. Here’s why:

  • Military Precision: His Air Force background translates into a disciplined, structured approach to recruitment.
  • Insider Knowledge: Working with Job Corps, Shane gained firsthand knowledge of the trade sector’s employer and employee needs.
  • Barrier Breaker: His ability to understand and navigate employment barriers allows him to effectively match candidates with roles.
  • Cultural Fit: Shane’s direct engagement strategy ensures candidates are not just qualified but are the right fit for the company’s culture.
  • Long-Term Partnership: His commitment is to build lasting relationships that support the company’s sustained success.

In Conclusion

Shane’s journey—marked by a veteran’s discipline, enriched by Job Corps advocacy, and driven by a commitment to personalized recruitment—showcases the power of diverse experiences in crafting a successful career in staffing. It’s a narrative that inspires trust in his abilities to not only understand the needs of employers and employees but also to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace. With Shane, companies can expect a partner who sees beyond resumes and job descriptions to the heart of what makes a workforce thrive—people perfectly placed to grow, contribute, and succeed.


Reach out to Shane at or call him at 262 281-1800