Staffing Firms for Small Business: What They Can Offer You

Are you a small business owner? For those who have answered ‘yes,’ there’s no doubt you want to get a leg up on the competition. However, just the mere desire to stand out and distinguish yourself in a sea of other companies and corporations doesn’t really help you get anywhere. You’ve got to work hard at it. It’s never been more challenging to make a name for yourself than right now, with the major eCommerce giants well-established and a flooded market to contend with.

There are a few things you can do that’ll help your case and offer you the slight edge you might need to still make a good name for yourself. Working with a staffing firm is one of them, and here are four reasons why all small businesses should thoroughly consider it.


1. Carves Space Amongst Competition

As we mentioned, the competition is stiff. We no longer exist in a world where any mom-and-pop brand or innovative small eCommerce business can flourish. Rather, we live in a world where Amazon promises everything from cold medicine to yoga blocks to dog sweaters and gives you free two-day shipping on top of this.

It’s nearly impossible to beat that kind of convenience, and certainly not for the low prices that customers love. Expectations are high, causing problems for every smaller company trying to pull their weight in a hostile, rough market. Additionally, this creates further issues as small business is pitted against small business in completely horrible circumstances, battling it out for an incredibly small piece of the figurative pie.

Nothing about that is fun, and it happens more often than not. The right staffing firm offers expert opinions and exclusive resources, improving your competitive edge. We can help you carve out a space in overcrowded markets.


2. Helps Find Employees with Specific Skills

Big corporations are known for their wide range of employee positions, many separate departments, and skilled hires. That kind of operation is a necessity whenever there are thousands upon thousands working within your doors and thousands of goods or services delivered as the days pass on by. Lacking this structure and dialed-in talent would create chaos as quickly as you could blink, leading nowhere good.

Meanwhile, small businesses often don’t have the luxury of being this organized or picky, as odd as that may sound. Devoting excessive time and resources to scrutinizing individual skills rather than considering the overall experience becomes burdensome. Considering time is money, there’s honestly none of this to spare.

Staffing firms can help here, though. Since they’ve got the reigns, large candidate pools to choose from, and all the info necessary, they can acquire the specific talent you’re after and ensure your hires are some of the very best in the business. Dangerous for the competition, but fantastic for you.

3. Saves Time and Increases Efficiency

When you’re running a small business, you often get into the habit of thinking you need to put all the heavy lifting directly onto your shoulders. It makes sense. After all, they always say to do it yourself if you want it done right. The DIY, solitary approach is also far cheaper than calling upon someone else to do it all for you. It solidifies you as committed to your brand and a hard worker despite your position of power. That can do wonders for your reputation.

Regardless, that doesn’t mean you should actively embrace this as your go-to business strategy. It has equally as many cons as it does pros, upping the likelihood that something will fall through the cracks, you’ll burn out, or in worst-case scenario, both. This is why it’s critical to rely on others for some things, and staffing firms are an excellent first step.

With their assistance, the hiring process is consolidated and taken care of for you, saving time and increasing efficiency all around. You can then move your focus as a small business owner away from sourcing, interviewing, and training your candidates and towards bigger and better things.


4. Reduces Bad Hire Costs

In an ideal world, every hire we make would be exactly what you needed. It would tick off not just the box for skills but also that for personality, drive, professionalism, etc. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. The truth of the matter is that some hires won’t be very good, regardless of how they looked on paper.

Sometimes, they may have the book smarts necessary but completely lack the ability to translate this into the real world, or they may be fantastic when fulfilling their responsibilities but ultimately fail to work properly with their team or coworkers. It happens to the best of us – even small business owners who usually have great instincts for these things. This isn’t ideal despite how commonplace it is. Luckily, we can reduce the frequency of these bad hires and decrease the costs that are associated with them.

Staffing firms are one part of the equation because they’re able to delve deeper into a potential employee’s previous experience, skills, and resume. Great hires are the number one priority. There tends to be better candidates available to these firms, which only improves matters. That’s not to say staffing firms entirely eliminate hires that don’t fit your needs, but they do create significant change. Remember: progress, not perfection! Click here to learn about myths and misconceptions tied to staffing firms!