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Job Description SITE Staffing Inc is currently working with professionals who may be looking for a stable opportunity  to grow or just seek a career change!! Apply now... Position: Welder Shift: 1st shift-7:00am-3:30pm- OT available (40-50hrs) Pay $19.00 Job Description: Using jigs, welding torches and hand tools to arrange, coordinate, match and weld pieces to shape full units or sub-units, following design and configuration requirements. Verify conformity with measurements of work pieces, use circles, rulers, and measurement sheets. Mounted pieces tack-welded together. Spread out and inspect metal stocks or work pieces to be manufactured to ensure compliance with the requirements. Mechanical Aptitude test must be completed on site.Job Requirements: High School Diploma/ Or GED 3-5 years welding in a manufacturing environment Must be able to read blueprints Good Communication skills, to ensure projects…

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Position: Welder Shift: 1st shift-7:30am-3:30pm Pay $18.00-$22.00 EE’s will work on different projects daily; company is a job shop. Will need to be a thinker and know how to trouble Client will conduct a Weld test on site. Both Mig & Tig welding, Blueprint reading skills will be assessed on site. Job Description: Using jigs, welding torches and hand tools to arrange, coordinate, match and weld pieces to shape full units or sub-units, following design and configuration requirements. Verify conformity with measurements of work pieces, use circles, rulers, and measurement sheets.…

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Job Description SITE Staffing Inc is currently working with professionals who may be looking for a stable opportunity  to grow or just seek a career change!! Apply now... Position: Assembly Shift: 1st shift-7am-3:30pm, OT Available Pay $13.00p/hr Job Description: Prepare work by studying assembly instructions, blueprint specifications, and parts lists                       Collecting bits, fittings, equipment and supplies. Assembles pieces by inspecting connectors for proper fit; connects sections and subassemblies. Keeps machinery running by meeting specifications for preventive maintenance; following                        manufacturer's instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for fixes. Maintains inventory of supplies by inspecting stock to assess inventory level; anticipates the                        supplies needed; positions and expedites delivery orders; verifies receipt of supplies. Report acts by achieving modes of production and quality. Contributes to collective activity by producing similar outcomes whenever possible. Job…

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Sanitation Operator

Job Description Position: Sanitation Operator Shift: 3rd shift (6pm-6am) Pay $16-$18p/hr Job Description:  Cleans and sanitizes equipment, floors, walls and related facilities for food processing. Workers shall be responsible for running, conducting routine operation and repairs,and installing and disassembling machines and/or manufacturing equipment such assweepers, scrubbers, mowers. Will need to wear proper safety equipment on the process floor. Sweepers, scrubbers, pressure washers and other equipment of the type janitorial.  Mix and use cleaning and hygiene-related chemicals.  Maintaining paper documents, files and processes.  Can order supplies, document expenses, and prepare as guided reports. HACCP processes, good production procedures (GMPs) and safety practices must be recognized and adhered to. Continue with duties by following several uniform procedures and, if problems arise, may refer to the supervisor. Qualifications: Must stand for long periods of time Use ladders to reach high places. Able to lift 50lbs Many cleaning operations require significant strength.Empty out trash when is needed too. Must be able to…

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Packaging- Machine Operator

Job Description Position: Packaging- Machine Operator  Shift: 1st / 2nd shift-(6am-2pm) -(2pm-10pm) Pay $16-$17p/hr Job Description:  Disable items which have been finished or faulty. Adjustment of computer settings.  Identifying defects in the system and inspecting output products on the production line. Package the food correctly to avoid breakage and change while delivery. Check the containers ' quality and cleanliness before sending them to retailers.  Control or run product packaging system.  Observe process processes to ensure that the loaded or wrapped goods adhere to requirements.             Qualifications: Must stand for long periods of time Basic Math Scores Ability to work overtime if needed Must be able to work Independently / in a team Detailed Oriented Must be able to…

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