There are so many social media channels these days but only one that focuses solely on your career: LinkedIn. If you’re on the job hunt but don’t currently use it, here are ten great reasons for being present and active on LinkedIn!

  1. LinkedIn’s Popularity
  2. Easy Google-ability
  3. Stay Connected with Co-workers and Contacts
  4. Showcase Your Professionalism
  5. Access for Employers and Recruiters
  6. Effortless Job Applications
  7. Boost Your Profile with Endorsements and Recommendations
  8. Connect and Grow Within Industry Groups
  9. Access to Valuable Job Market Insights
  10. Be a Thought Leader


Are you currently on the job hunt but haven’t ventured into the world of LinkedIn yet? It’s time to change that! LinkedIn isn’t just another social media platform; it’s your gateway to career success. Here are ten compelling reasons why you should be present and active on LinkedIn:

1) LinkedIn’s Popularity LinkedIn boasts over 500 million users, surpassing platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. Your professional network is waiting for you here, making it a must-have for advancing your career.

2) Easy Google-ability Imagine Googling your own name and seeing a link to your impressive career highlights. Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume, and it’s likely the first thing employers will find when they search for you.

3) Stay Connected LinkedIn helps you stay connected with former co-workers and contacts, even after you’ve moved on to new opportunities. Discover where others have landed, their skills, and potential connections that could benefit your journey.

4) Showcase Your Professionalism LinkedIn provides a platform to share your resume and career journey in depth. Highlight your skills, experiences, and career goals with key descriptors that showcase your professionalism.

5) Access for Employers and Recruiters Hiring managers, recruiters, and professionals of all levels are active on LinkedIn. Just as you research companies, they will be researching you. Having a LinkedIn profile is essential for them to access your employment background.

6) Effortless Job Applications Applying to jobs on LinkedIn is a breeze. No more repetitive resume attachments. With just a few clicks, you can apply to numerous opportunities by sharing a link to your profile.

7) Boost Your Profile with Endorsements and Recommendations LinkedIn allows users to endorse or recommend their connections for specific skills or jobs. These mini-references can give you a competitive edge. Ask your connections to endorse you, and return the favor to enhance everyone’s chances.

8) Connect and Grow Within Industry Groups LinkedIn hosts a variety of career-focused groups. Joining these communities, engaging in discussions, and sharing your thoughts is an excellent way to expand your network beyond your existing connections.

9) Access to Valuable Job Market Insights Stay informed about the job market by following experts, industry leaders, and influencers who share informative articles, blog posts, and statistics on LinkedIn. This knowledge can set you apart during interviews.

10) Be a Thought Leader You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 executive to contribute valuable insights. Write LinkedIn blogs or share articles that have inspired you. Show potential employers that you’re actively engaging in meaningful discussions, not just seeking a job.

Don’t miss out on the countless opportunities that LinkedIn can offer your career. Create or revamp your profile today and start making the most of this powerful platform.

Unlock your potential on LinkedIn and watch your career soar!

What’s Next?

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