Turning the Tables: 5 Key Questions to Ask Employers During Your Interview

As you gear up for a job interview, it’s not just the employers who should be asking the questions. Taking the initiative to inquire about certain aspects of the role and company can help you gain valuable insights and make an informed decision. The person conducting the interview is expecting a question at the end, otherwise you may look uninformed or uninterested. Here are some thoughtfully crafted questions that can give you a deeper understanding of the opportunity at hand and wow the interviewer:

1) “Could you provide a glimpse into the typical day-to-day responsibilities of someone in this role? Understanding the tasks and challenges I’d be handling can help me better prepare and visualize my contributions?”

Some of these duties may have been stated in the original job posting, but speaking with someone over the phone or face-to-face about what your daily tasks will be can give you insight into what you can expect and prepare for. It also shows you are interested in learning more about the job and are able think critically.

2) I’d like to understand the evolution of this role over time. What are the expectations for someone in this position within the first three, six, or twelve months?

This insight will help you gauge potential growth within the company. Though you may learn more details about your role with a new company from Question 1, this question is meant to examine how your role could grow, shrink or otherwise change during the next year. Plus, getting some “inside info” on the expectations will help you decide if this role is something you’d feel confident in.

3) Every venture comes with its set of challenges. From your perspective, what are the primary challenges that both the company and this role currently face? Knowing this will allow me to proactively contribute to overcoming these hurdles.”

All jobs and employers have challenges, so although this may sound like a negative question, it’s important to ask it. This way, when hired, you can know right off the bat how to effectively counteract what the employer will mention as the largest hurdles they encounter. And, the answers the employer offers here can tell you a lot about the organization, too.

4) I believe a strong cultural fit is crucial for mutual success. Could you describe the company culture, values, and any unique opportunities for personal and professional development? This will help me assess how well I could thrive within the team.

If there’s one question to take away from this, it would be asking about company culture. Finding out if you’re a good fit for any employer goes beyond qualifications. An answer to this inquiry should tell you all about the company dynamic, as well as any fun or educational opportunities they offer both inside and outside of the office. If you are looking for a more creative or collaborative role, the company’s culture often plays a huge role in that.

At the end of the day, could you see yourself happy and fitting in at the office?

5) Could you outline the upcoming stages of the interview process? This information will not only guide my expectations but also demonstrate my genuine interest in moving forward.

It seems like this would be an easy one to remember, but you’d be surprised how many potential employees forget it, or don’t think it’s necessary. This will be informative for you as the interviewee, so you know when a proper time to follow-up will be, and it also highlights your continued interest in the position.


Remember, interviews are a two-way street. Beyond showcasing your qualifications, they’re a chance for you to evaluate whether the company aligns with your aspirations and values. By posing thoughtful questions like these, you not only gain insights but also leave a lasting impression as a candidate who is engaged and eager to contribute meaningfully. A successful journey starts with the right questions.

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