For all the millions of people trying to find work right now, discovering the right kind of employment for them is essential. The same can be said for the businesses that are seeking talent. In such a competitive, rapidly changing market, you need to stay ahead of the curve or get left behind. Direct hire is an ideal starting place, offering a best of both worlds solution that offers better candidates, greater efficiency, and less all-around hassle. Want to learn more? Here are the basics of direct hire.


What is Direct Hire?

Direct hire is a process where a company offers a job directly to a person, without involving a third party. Jobs are usually permanent, but long-term employment also counts as direct hire. This type of employment often includes salaries, paid time off, health insurance, retirement accounts, and other appealing benefits. Direct hire positions have become somewhat more uncommon as demand for part-time hires and outsourcing has continued to rise.

Meanwhile, even the companies making use of this type of employment struggle at times. This is primarily because it involves long-term, secure positions. This type of commitment can feel difficult to hold in the current job market. Direct hire can be slower and more resource-intensive than temporary or contract hires. To ensure the right choice for long-term employees, businesses often employ staffing firms for recruitment, becoming involved only after decisions are made and training begins.

The business in question still does play a significant role here, indeed far more than in some other hiring forms. This is because the fresh workers are employees of the company, not of the staffing firm. Once the lengthy recruitment period is over, the staffing firm is entirely out of the picture, and the actual employer receives reports from the workers.


Why Choose to Direct Hire Staff

Understanding what direct hiring entails leads to the question of why businesses choose this approach. While other hands-off options exist, direct hire has distinct advantages that attract companies. It is particularly suitable for executive or management positions, where having full control and responsibility is crucial. A closer relationship is desired, as a separation between the company and key players creates unnecessary barriers. Direct hire eliminates this by combining the benefits of outsourced help with the proximity and certainty of an in-house hire. Despite its disadvantages, companies opt for direct hire to maintain control, ensure the integrity of vital positions, and foster stronger connections with their hires.

As great as this is, it’s still not the only reason a business should opt for this type of hiring over another. There are several benefits offered by it including:

  • Increased loyalty from employees. As mentioned, direct hire puts the employee in closer contact with the company they’re working for. They’re in the company rather than merely observing it on the fringes. They interact with upper management more. They experience the company culture more intimately. And on top of this, they’re also more recognized and celebrated as part of the team. That ultimately translates to a greater sense of loyalty, which encourages them to work harder.
  • Higher-quality talent. Direct hiring is a unique opportunity. You can work with a staffing firm without them taking on too much, using their resources and expertise while getting all the payoff. Among the best aspects of this is that they have extensive databases and expertise at picking precisely who is suitable for the job at hand. The talent is high-quality, committed, and available – in other words, exactly what any successful business needs.
  • Hiring process made simpler. Don’t want to put in hours upon hours scouring for candidates? Resistant to spending even more time skimming over resumes and conducting interviews that still don’t give you a complete picture of the person? Direct hires mean you don’t have to! Everything that follows is made that much simpler. All you have to do as the boss is welcome on the new person and get straight into the thick of it.
  • Offers more security. In an amazing one-two, this hiring method benefits both the business and the employee in equal terms. How? It provides an increased level of security. For the company, it ensures that you always have incredible, trustworthy, and more than capable workers to keep the daily grind running smoothly. You don’t have to worry as much about a good hire up and leaving. They’re a permanent fixture you can rely on. Employees benefit from this as well because they have that permanency to fall back on. They don’t have to constantly hustle from job to job, concerned about how they’re going to make their money and take care of their loved ones. They’re more protected from the difficulties of a dramatically fluctuating market and economy. It’s a win-win for all parties.

How it Works for You

Does direct hire sound more appealing now? If you want to take advantage of this for you and your business, you can! Those of us here at SITE Staffing are here to help. We offer a unique and highly successful direct hire program, taking care of all the complicated aspects so you don’t have to. Recruitment, placement, and general consulting are our areas of expertise. We do it well as a result of our talented pool of individuals that will fit in excellently with your existing team. Just let us know what you’re looking for in a proper match and we’ll take care of the rest. You can then take them on yourself – no intermediary required. It’s hiring simplified, and we think you’ll like it that way.

Still not sure? Need more information before you make any decisions? Call us today to find out more about what SITE can do for you and check out some of these fantastic direct hire resources. We can answer any questions regarding the direct hire process, examine best use cases, and give a more thorough look at the pros and cons for both employer and employee. Click here to learn about some of the myths about staffing firms.