Is Now the Time to Use a Staffing Firm?

Now may be the time to use a staffing firm. If you’ve had your company long, you know that any business that’s not ahead is already falling behind. The industry, regardless of what niche you may fall under, has become increasingly competitive. Year after year, it continues to steadily ramp up, which makes finding and retaining talent a rather tricky proposition. This has never been truer following the era of COVID-19.

Luckily, the situation is starting to look up. Companies are positioned to get ahead again. According to statistics collected by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “The manufacturing industry faced a major setback after losing roughly 1.4 million jobs at the onset of the pandemic. Since then, the industry has struggled to fill job vacancies. As of March 2023, there were 693,000 open manufacturing jobs.” Those are significant stats that you’ll want to keep an eye on and make the most of. The best way to do this? Outsource human resources and partner with a staffing firm. Unconvinced why you should opt for this rather than taking care of everything in-house? Here are a few significant benefits that might convince you to take the figurative plunge.

Hiring – But Make It Efficient

One of the biggest growing pains of an emerging or rapidly growing business is the hiring process. It tends to be rather inefficient. It takes a considerable amount of time and energy vetting, interviewing, hiring, and training new employees.

Not only is that inefficient and ineffective in the hiring department, but it’s also bad news for the other aspects of your business that need to stay afloat. After all, everything mentioned pulls focus away from the essential day-to-day operations that can’t just stop because they’re inconvenient and can stretch already taut resources to their breaking point.

Everything goes downhill once that happens and becomes too fragile to handle properly. Outsourcing human resources can go a long way to preventing this. This results in both faster and more appropriate hiring, keeping your business healthy and thriving rather than scraping by. Partnering with a staffing firm is the no-nonsense approach to building a strong workforce.


Better Flexibility for Leaner Times

As mentioned prior, the global pandemic put a severe strain on all of us, both people and business owners alike. Many of us were forced to reduce operations, drastically decreasing output and generated profit. Some have even had to shut their doors for good, unable to balance the prescribed measures needed to keep us safe and the work needed to keep food on their tables.

It’s created significantly leaner times for us, trying to navigate our way through the last few years or so. Changing workflow, expensive bills, unfortunate circumstances – they’re constant issues any business will need to face. COVID just exacerbated them. However, the sun is on the horizon. We’ve finally made it through the thick of the pandemic and companies are ready to start expanding once the economy picks up.

Working with a staffing firm can make a world of difference. We work to make changing employment and operations needs a cinch, providing temporary workers to pick up any slack or fill in the gaps left by more permanent members you’ve been forced to let go of during these trying times. That means increased flexibility and reduced costs. Benefits and taxes no longer rest on your shoulders due to the temps being employed through the staffing firm instead. We heavily reduce costs so your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.

Those company cards are never really safe from yet another swipe, but any saving is worth it.


Built-In Risk Reduction

Utilizing staffing firms and outsourcing your HR is valuable for hiring, flexibility, and financing. As a company and an employer, you assume a lot of legal responsibilities. You’ve got to provide insurance, follow all your local and federal workers’ laws, offer a certain number of protections, and generally look out for your employees’ wellbeing as long as they’re on your company time. Hires and fires, changing work standards, and other risks are aimed your way.

You’ve got to manage all of it, which can get overwhelming for even the most seasoned of bosses or higher-ups. Staffing firms pick up the slack and offer a certain amount of built-in risk reduction. They can assume certain liabilities, offer replacements, and maintain responsibility for those employed by them, so you don’t have to take the hit. This doesn’t absolve everything from you, but it does take some of these risks off your shoulders and share the load. It’s one of the best benefits of outsourcing your HR.


Picking the Right firm

Business flexibility, expenses, and risk management are some benefits of a good staffing firm. Notice the operative word there: good. Unfortunately, staffing firms aren’t all created equal. As with any other outsourced partnership, you’ll need to do your homework to find the right fit for you and ensure the whole situation doesn’t go up in flames.

It’s easier said than done, but treat it like you’d treat hiring any prospective employee. Inquire into the company’s experience and do a little digging into their quality. What kinds of employees do they hire? What’s their retention rate, and do the companies using their service recommend them? Keep price in mind and evaluate their terms. Be thorough but be fair and engage in an open conversation. Share what you’re looking for and what you expect from who you work with. If they can’t meet those requirements or make you jump through hoops, move onto the next one. You’ll eventually find it.

If you’re on the search for a Wisconsin staffing firm, SITE is here to help. With over 25 years of expertise and pages of satisfied clients, we know everything there is to know about staffing. We thoroughly understand the law, the market, and how to manage the resources our clients need. We’ve leveraged this to help countless ventures thrive in even the most turbulent of conditions. Since we act as an extension of your HR department, we put your needs at the forefront and find you the absolute best employees for the job. Making this happen is part of our endless devotion towards our clients.

Want to find out for yourself? Reach out to our offices here at SITE Staffing and discover what we can do for you. Still looking to learn more? Click here to learn more about our commitment to excellence or follow us on social media to see it in action!