6 Things to Know About Working with a Staffing Agency

working-with-a-staffing-agencyIf you’ve never worked with a staffing agency (and even if you have), here are 6 things to expect:

1) It Never Costs You a Penny

Good news! In most cases, working with a staffing agency to find a new job is going to be completely free for you (as the candidate). Fees are typically covered directly by the hiring companies, which means you can focus on finding a job that you will love, and not worry about how to afford to do so.

Here at SITE Staffing, that’s the model we use. The candidates we work with get full access to an entire team working to find them their next job – all without spending any money.

2) The Interview Process is All About You

In a traditional interview, your resume is compared to a list of required skills and qualifications. When you interview at a staffing agency, the interview is more about getting to know you as a person, and understanding what you are looking for in a new job.

Staffing agencies and recruiters should always keep an open mind about your future, and the interview process is more of an honest discussion than it is an interrogation. Pay rates, availability, long-term goals – these are all covered in the interview with the staffing agency.

You’ll also have the opportunity to share a list of your “must-haves” when it comes to finding a new position, plus go over some of the positions, industries, or areas you’d prefer to avoid. At the end of the day, it isn’t about just placing you in any job – it’s about finding a great fit.

3) It’s OK to Say “No”

This one is important: just because a staffing agency or recruiter goes over a job opening with you doesn’t mean you need to feel pressured to take it. It is your career, after all!

During the process, recruiters will often share specific job openings with you that may fall a bit outside of what you are looking for. For example, the pay rate is a little under what your target pay rate was, but the company may be located very close to your home. If the job doesn’t sound like it will meet your needs, you are always free to pass, and the recruiter will move onto the next role. Pretty simple, right?

When you do pass on a job, it’s really helpful to share why you don’t think it is the right fit. Recruiters can use this information to find other positions that you may be interested in.

4) Your Success is the Top Priority

A staffing agency can only be successful when you are successful; everything rides on that. This is really important for candidates to know because it means that recruiters will work their hardest to find a position that you will love – their success depends on it.

Plus, at SITE Staffing, we also understand what our clients are looking for, and know what questions to ask and the information that should be included on your resume. Have you ever applied for a position and wondered whether or not you should have included more (or less) information on your resume? The best staffing agencies will work with you to make sure that every time your resume is presented to a client, it highlights the information that is most important to them. When a client is interested in your resume, the agency will then help you prepare for the interview so that you can seal the deal on the job of your dreams!

5) You May Be Presented with Jobs You Have Never Heard Of

Although you will probably apply to a staffing agency with a specific job posting in mind, your recruiter will discuss with you other jobs that match your experience – many of which aren’t publicly posted anywhere else.

Take SITE, for example; our clients often have opportunities that, for confidentiality reasons, they aren’t able to post on their own websites. In addition to those opportunities, we have job openings at amazing companies that just don’t advertise on the major job boards. Your recruiter will know the details of all of these positions and will be able to discuss with you the ones that you might be interested in. We can also present you to multiple clients at once, speeding up how quickly you can start your new career!

6) Doors Can Be Opened to New Opportunities

Many organizations don’t have the time to find candidates on their own, so they partner with local staffing agencies to find great candidates for their open positions. They place their trust in these firms to source, interview, and submit applicants to jobs that are often never made public on job boards.

Working with a great staffing agency opens the door to brand new opportunities!

Next Steps

Are you thinking about working with a Milwaukee staffing agency to find your next job? Check out our open positions here, or fill out our general application to start the process of finding a great career!