SITE Staffing Safety Information


Reasonable Suspicion:
If you suspect that an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work, please do not allow them to drive away. Immediately contact our main office at 414-383-8084 at any time. We will coordinate sending a driver to pick up the employee and transport them to the nearest clinic for a drug and alcohol test.
First Aide:
If first aid is administered to an employee during their shift, please inform your account representative at SITE Staffing. This allows us to document the incident accordingly and follow up with the employee.
Non-Life-Threatening Injury or Illness:
Assess whether the employee can safely transport themselves. If not, ensure they are escorted by another person to the appropriate medical facility.
During Business Hours:
We partner with Concentra Clinics. Here is a link to the list of local Concentra Clinics
After regular Business Hours:
Direct the employee to any local urgent care facility for assistance.
Life Threatening or Emergency Injury:
In case of a life-threatening or emergency situation, dial 911 immediately. If 911 assistance is not required, direct the employee to the nearest emergency room for treatment.
Refusal of Medical Attention:
If an employee refuses medical treatment, have them complete the refusal of medical treatment form and send it to SITE Staffing. Here is access to the link.
Form for the Medical Facility:
Ensure the employee takes a form with them to the medical facility to inform the staff that they are an employee of SITE Staffing. Here is access to the link.
Accident Investigation Report:
Any investigation reports should be sent to SITE Staffing. If you do not have investigation forms, you can use the one we provide. Here is access to the link.
For all the above situations, it is crucial to notify SITE Staffing as soon as possible to ensure proper documentation and follow-up.
Note: We are not authorized to direct medical care; however, guiding employees towards the facility that can best treat them is helpful. Employees have the right to choose a different facility if they prefer. Use this information to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees at the workplace.