Employee Support Hub

Welcome to the Employee Support Hub for Creation Technologies. We’re here to make your work life easier and more convenient. Below are the various options and resources available to you. 

1. Attendance Issues & Time Off Requests:

  • Attendance Issues: If you are facing attendance issues or need to report an absence, please call us at 414-383-8084. We are available 24/7 to receive a message. Inform your cell captain as well.
  • Time Off Requests: For requesting time off, fill out the request form below. Please submit your request well in advance to ensure a smooth process. Inform your cell captain as well.

2. Referral Program:

  • Referral Program: If you want to refer someone to join Creation Technologies, please have them apply and mention your name when asked how you heard about SITE. This will allow us to track referrals. If you know anyone looking for a job at Creation, call 414-383-8084 and ask for Juanita.


Steps for the program:
1. Have your referral apply on our website
2. When your referral comes in to interview, make sure they tell the recruiter who referred them and fill out the referral program form. We will not accept referral forms after the initial interview.
3. Receive your bonus when the referral gets placed and works through the probationary period.
This program is subject to change at any time.

3. Payroll Support:

  • Payroll Issues: If you encounter any payroll-related problems, such as incorrect payments or tax concerns, please call our office at 414-383-8084. Our team will address your issue promptly.