Frequently Asked Questions

"You cannot go wrong using SITE! I would recommend them without reservation."

– Kiran, Milwaukee

You have questions, we have answers.

Our goal is to make the entire staffing process as simple as possible. That means that Milwaukee jobs seekers should understand what all goes into the hiring process, and our network of employers should have a clear understanding of how we work.

Check out some common questions below and contact us if you still have questions.


For Job Seekers


What if I just lost my job?

Stay busy with SITE Staffing while you search for your next position. Treat your job search like a full-time job while remaining employed. You’ll have time to be picky instead of settling for a position that isn’t what you really wanted. SITE Staffing keeps your skills current and money in your pocket while you do your job search.

How does a candidate begin the process of being placed through SITE Staffing?

The best way to get started with SITE Staffing is to complete an online application where you will also have an option to upload a Microsoft Word or PDF copy of your resume.

Additional means of communication are: E-mail: (please include a Microsoft Word or PDF copy of your resume)

Phone: 414.383.8084 Fax: 414.383.8143
Mail: SITE Staffing, Inc.
Attn: Recruitment Manager
809 W. National Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Once we receive your information, and if we determine that our openings are a good fit for your experiences, we’ll contact you quickly to discuss in detail your specific opportunities.

Why is it beneficial to use the Temp-to-Hire Conversion strategy?

Flexible temporary-to-hire conversion plans offer your future employer time to evaluate the skills and performance you bring to their company prior to hiring you direct. This is a great way for you to get one foot in the door, determine if a company fits your employment needs, and then earn the opportunity for direct hire. It works both ways, you know!

Who is the employer of SITE Staffing associates?

When you are placed in a new position through SITE, your “employer of record” will be SITE Staffing. We will manage your payroll, social security, state and federal unemployment taxes, employment records, and W-2’s.

Why should I work with SITE Staffing?

SITE Staffing recognizes you have many options when it comes to pursuing your next employment opportunity. It is our personal focus on your unique qualifications and experience that will lead you on a path of success. By tapping into our industry contacts, confidential database, and proprietary methodology, you will achieve your employment goals.

What positions can you help me find?

Whether you offer experience as a senior level executive, have a strong professional portfolio, or offer multiple skilled and light industrial experience, you’ll find the right position to match your interests with the help of your SITE Staffing team.

What are the fees?

There are never fees to you, our candidate! Our client employers make an investment in you by entrusting SITE to managing a portion or all of their staffing needs. You provide the dedicated talent and experience and we’ll set forth to introduce you to your next employer.

When working with SITE Staffing, does all my information remain confidential?

All personal information obtained by SITE Staffing is absolutely kept confidential and will not be forwarded unless specifically authorized by you, the candidate.

Does SITE Staffing offer direct-hire positions?

SITE Staffing does work with client employers to manage the interview and selection process of direct-hire positions. If you are interested in a direct-hire position and we find your skills and experience to be an ideal fit, we will forward your information to the employer for consideration. SITE will act as a support to both you and the employer by scheduling interviews and facilitating the hiring process. If an offer is made, and you choose to accept it, you will be an employee of the hiring company, not SITE Staffing.

How can I increase my chances of obtaining a position with SITE Staffing?

We encourage you to complete the SITE Staffing online application, making sure to explain any gaps in your employment. Make a personal commitment to presenting the most accurate reflection of your skills and experience. Project a positive attitude when interviewing and remain active in your job seeking efforts.