Code Of Ethics

Employees of SITE Staffing should make their actions consistent with their understanding of right and
wrong. They should act with integrity. This Code of Ethics should guide the actions of SITE Staffing
employees to be consistent with our company values.

I. Treat Our Applicants and Employees with Respect

We believe in valuing and respecting our applicants and employees throughout every interaction we have with them. We appreciate the trust that they put in us to help them find employment, and we strive to honor that trust through honesty, transparency, and professionalism. We focus on each individual and work to provide opportunities and guidance that maximize their potential, seeking the very best for each one. We work to ensure that our advertisements, job descriptions, and job offers are honest and accurate, and that the companies where we place employees are safe, respectful environments. We advocate for our applicants and employees, and we serve as a resource to help them achieve their employment goals.

II. Serve Our Clients with Integrity

Our clients trust us to source, screen, and qualify candidates who will become the future of their companies, and we take that trust seriously. We always act with integrity when communicating with and serving our clients. We are upfront and honest when discussing candidates and when discussing our own abilities. We practice prudence when making guarantees, and we work tirelessly to meet the needs of our clients. We make every effort possible to ensure that all reporting of employee time and all billing are 100% accurate, and we seek clarification when it is needed. We seek to be transparent with our clients and to provide them with data and feedback that will help their businesses.

III. Support Each Other

We maintain a work environment in which we uplift and support each individual. We push each other to become better people through company trainings, goal setting, and accountability. We invest in team members through continued education and we empower our managers to lead their teams in a way that recognizes the value of each member. We provide opportunities for advancement and for changing roles, and we seek the input and feedback of each employee through an open-door policy. We help each other through hardships, we celebrate each other’s victories, and we motivate each other daily.

IV. Protect the Company

We understand that we have a moral obligation to protect the financial interests of SITE Staffing. As employees we are always honest in our dealings with the company, and we pride ourselves in working hard for the compensation we receive. We strive to safeguard SITE Staffing from frivolous law suits and claims by following the processes and procedures in place. We are not wasteful with company resources, and we are conscious of how our daily decisions affect the stability and value of the company.

V. Follow the Law

We follow all state and federal laws. We make knowing and understanding laws that pertain to our industry our focus. We invest in making sure our leaders are experts in the law, and we also seek the expert legal advice of those outside of our organization when appropriate. We regularly train all levels of staff on the laws and how they should be applied. We seek clarification when laws or correct procedures are unclear, and we correct compliance issues as soon as they are discovered. We hold each member of our team responsible for complying with all laws, policies, and procedures, and we maintain checks and balances to ensure compliance.

VI. Help Everyone We Can

We recognize that we are in a position to help others, and we seek to do that whenever possible. It is our goal to help every applicant who sincerely seeks work, as we understand how life changing a great job can be. We do everything within our power to help them reach their goals. We continuously look for opportunities to help those in our community through service, outreach, and donations. We encourage each other to give back to the community both individually and through events organized by SITE Staffing. We work to put people before all else.