Staffing agencies are an incredible resource for any business, whether they’re trying to make it big or simply streamline how they operate daily. Between acting as an extension of your HR department, taking care of all the “messy” bits of employment, and ensuring all standards and laws are followed to the letter, they do a great job taking some of the major stresses and responsibilities off of your plate.

But perhaps the most significant, game-changing benefit of them? They recruit your employees for you, something invaluable as finding good employees is harder than ever in the current labor market. Here at SITE, we’re set on making this straightforward, easy, and no fuss for you. We specifically only pull in the best of the best for the job and do it all without breaking the bank or drawing everything out for months. How do we always ensure quality candidates and nothing less? Keep reading to learn how we achieve our quest for quality.


The Collaboration Quotient

In order for a staffing agency to truly pull its weight and hook you up with the perfect employee for your company, it has to know just what the ideal looks like to you. What kind of skills do they need to possess? Do they need to be meticulous with details? Do they need to be accommodating and patient? What’s more important to you: a specific length of experience or an exemplary devotion to learning? And what about job culture? What kind of attitude and approach should they have towards the work they’re doing and the people that surround them? Is this even a primary consideration, or is their resume the end all, be all in your eyes?

The answer to these questions is critical. Without them, you’ll never get the correct fit for your brand and business. After all, it’s the details that matter; that separate candidates from one another and determine their likelihood of success in a new potential role. We recognize that yet also recognize that no one can know that besides you. That’s why we focus on what we want to call the “collaboration quotient.”

Unlike some other staffing agencies, we will never assume what will fit your company culture and position needs. We ask instead, meticulously taking note of your requirements and hopeful wants. We collaborate with you instead of talk at you (or not even talk at all), working together to plot out your ideal of what a quality employee consists of then seek them out for you. Finding the best is our commitment to you and this initial step makes all the difference.


Built on the Right (Data)Base

The quest for proper staffing, employees, temp workers, and hires of every other sort is a journey all its own – one that would be nigh impossible without the suitable base to work from. The proof of this isn’t hard to find. Just think back to any regular candidate search online. It probably didn’t go well. And in the event that it turned out okay, it still likely didn’t serve up your ideal employee on a silver platter nor particularly fast. That takes time and a great deal of effort, effort which could be better spent elsewhere.

SITE Staffing allows you to hand the figurative keys back over and rest easy in doing so.  Why? Because we go way deeper than a surface-level search that checkmarks the basic boxes of education and experience. We use that previously-mentioned collaboration quotient to outline precisely what we need to look for, then go and do it. Luckily, that’s a breeze thanks to our database. Built-up over several years and comprised of over 100,000 people from nearly every industry you could be a part of – from manufacturing to data analysis to business administration and more – we almost undoubtedly have the hire you’ve been waiting for.

Our database is only made up of the best, too, so you know they’ve been thoroughly screened and vetted from the very start. This assures quality from every angle and enables you to worry about how they fit within your company rather than remaining concerned with the more general stuff. We’ve got that covered, so you don’t have to, and our database is largely to thanks.


Excellence and Ethics First

So, why does all of this matter anyways? Most people and businesses turn to staffing agencies for temporary and temp-to-hire positions. That means whoever’s filling in the gaps right now might not always be there. Is it really necessary to seek out the exact, ideal person for the gig or is settling in the name of time and saved costs just fine in these situations? Well, the basic answer is that it depends. Your hiring strategy is entirely up to you. If you are fine with meeting a minimum, then sure. But at the same time, this isn’t the best plan. We certainly don’t recommend it.

No matter what job you’re trying to fill or how long you’re trying to fill it for, you should always want a quality employee to have your back. Your entire business is as strong as the smallest link.

Every position counts towards your reputation, profit, and ability to grow as the years go by. Proper staffing, job stability, and dedication are critical to the broader picture of your business. The cost of hiring a bad employee is significant and simply isn’t one you worth suffering through, especially when you don’t have to.

SITE Staffing, as a whole, doesn’t want you to risk it, either. We thoroughly believe that your success is our success, and we always strive to do right by you. That’s a huge factor behind why (and how) we recruit the best and get you in touch so you can see it in action. Ethics and excellence is our guidepost and stick by it no matter what. Good candidates and clients naturally gravitate towards this and we feel the pull right back, our customer-first policy driving us to engage in ethical and diverse hiring practices, fair training, and complete transparency at all levels. That means we do right by you and your potential employees and put you first. Fantastic recruitment and business connections immediately follow suit.