Here at SITE Staffing, we take great pride in how our business operates and its impact on so many lives within the Southeastern Wisconsin area. Our customers, employees, candidates, and various team members are our heart and soul. We put 110% of our effort into treating them right, helping them achieve their goals, overcoming their challenges, and ensuring we honor them in all the work we do. It has earned us the trust (and high ratings) of thousands as well as the loyalty of some wonderful people. And for that, we are exceptionally proud.

However, we also recognize that talk is cheap. We can claim that we strive to act in upstanding ways and that these efforts have paid off, praised by the people around us. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Luckily, we also have that on our side. Over the last few years, we’ve had the pleasure of receiving multiple honors. From prestigious awards recognizing our devotion to ethical conduct to lesser-known ones applauding our commitment to diversity, we celebrate all of them as a step in the right direction, yet another step in achieving the continual excellence for which we strive. Want to share in our excitement? Here are just a few of the wins, recognitions, and memberships we’ve had that have distinguished SITE Staffing as a genuinely first-class, award-winning agency.


Development of Community

As a company, SITE Staffing never accepts merely ‘okay’ or ‘passable.’ We’re constantly hoping to become better. Yet, we don’t just want this for us. Our commitment is not merely to our growth as a corporation but to the development of our entire community.  After all, we recognize that we’re always better together. Focusing on ourselves alone is antithetical to this, which is why we devote ourselves to building relationships with everyone who comes our way, dedicated to connecting people with jobs they’ll love and excel at, and ensuring we also engage with those outside our company doors.

And it turns out that our hard work has paid off since we were founded over two and a half decades ago. Just in the last handful of years, we’ve earned a few separate honors that reflect a commitment to the growth and prosperity of the community along with the development of new opportunities and innovations that will help said community by driving job-growth and local commercial expansion. Among our favorite awards in this category? The Central City Small Business Award, given by us in 2017. The result of many long hours training candidates, helping applicants brush up on resumes and interview skills, and generally helping candidates get where they deserve to be, the award is still a constant reminder that to invest in candidates and employees always pays off. This combined with our Inner City Growth Award, Workforce Development Community Impact Award, and more, continue to hold us to the mark, keeping us accountable the way an award-winning agency should be.


No Soldier Left Behind

Alongside our commitment to our community as a whole, there are certain groups within this that we’ve been especially driven to serve. One of these is veterans, a people that we often see left behind even after they’ve given everything to make the rest of our lives better and protected. Our mission is to provide support and opportunity where others have fallen short, hiring and training them and their family members, educating other businesses on how they can best recruit and support these vets, and offering our assistance in whatever way can benefit the brave people who were willing to sacrifice it all for little payoff.

Apparently, we’re making headway, evidenced by an award of the Chamber’s Five Star Invest in Vets Employer rating. According to Saul Newton, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce, our work “helping other companies excel in supporting the veteran community will have lasting returns in improving the business climate for veterans, service members, and their families”

and we genuinely hope so. SITE Staffing always endeavors to adopt veteran-supporting policies, trying to build a more positive, supportive business climate for every last service member and the people they’re closest to. It’s a critical aspect of our mission of excellence and winning awards like this is a signifier that we’re going in the right direction. Simply put, that pushes us, proves that we’re making the impact veterans deserve – and we’re not stopping there.


Ethics First, Business Second

Much like with our community, SITE recognizes that some things should come before business, before profit margins, and all the corporate jargon and numbers that ultimately end up on a boardroom chart. Some things have to come first because they’re what really matters at the end of the day. Ethics top the list, and we hold to that. As we mentioned, we strive to do right by the good folks who keep us afloat even as times look rough, and we can now prove it as SITE’s added both an A+ rating and the incredibly prestigious Torch Award for Ethics through the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin to our ever-growing list of accomplishments.

Awarded only to businesses that meet the highest standard of ethics – genuinely transparent with customers, employees, and community members alike and dedicated to actually diverse, fair business practices – it’s an absolute honor to be considered among these ranks. It’s a reaffirmation that success doesn’t have to be at the cost of others. Indeed, it can be because of inclusion, care, and support, efforts that can change way more than a few figures in next year’s spreadsheets. That’s everything to us and, hopefully, everything to our staff and supporters as well. It’s what we live by, and this award, among the many others, show that we’ve chosen right.