Because of the increasingly competitive market in pretty much every industry under the sun, partnering up with a good staffing agency is an absolute must. It can get you access to the perfect employee for the job, offer up the expertise needed to ensure the most significant payoff, and generally open doors that are now usually shut tight to businesses that keep everything in-house. In short, they’re an invaluable tool that can maximize your productivity, worker quality, and profit.

Of course, not just any staffing agency will get you these kinds of results. If it did, every business would be getting two thumbs up from both its shareholders and the good people of Yelp. After all, these agencies are a dime a dozen these days. You can’t throw a figurative rock without hitting one – they’re everywhere. Access isn’t an issue.

Therein lies the problem. The number of staffing agencies out there doesn’t speak anything about their quality, and they are indeed not created equal. Finding the right one for your company can feel like an uphill battle the whole way, with many merely average at best. However, some are a step above the rest, and SITE Staffing is one of them.


Legal Knowledge on Loan

One of the wonderful things about owning a thriving business is that you have an amount of freedom that others only dream of. But like anything else in life, that freedom has limits. There are certain day-to-day realities that’ll ultimately restrict you. Cash and customer needs are just a couple of them, each significant in their own way. An even bigger one, though? Legality.

Corporations and smaller-scale ventures may have quite a bit of wiggle room thanks to how our country’s set up, but there are still rules in place that need to be followed to protect you and your employees alike. And – unfortunately – it can be a real headache trying to keep track of them all and make sure that you’re dotting all the Is and crossing all the Ts. That makes it not only one of the more frustrating aspects of business ownership but also a rather trying one. Even being read-up on legal stuff and ultra-careful doesn’t completely protect you from accidentally making a mistake or missing some important nuance.

With SITE Staffing, however, you don’t have to worry about this. SITE has deep knowledge of the law (federal and local) and knows it thoroughly, temporarily loaning it to you. This means we can always guarantee everything has the legal greenlight as it should, guaranteeing proper records are maintained, compensation is handled appropriately, all local regulations are met, etc. – and all this without major effort on your part! Nice, right?


Next Level of Expertise

Okay, so it’s kind of helpful to have a staffing agency take on all the confusing legalities businesses navigate day-in and day-out. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. One of our true “superpowers” here at SITE Staffing is the expertise held by all the individuals that build us up as well as the agency as a whole. Why? Because this takes your company and brings out its very best with only the highest standards in professionalism, reliability, and productivity.

There’s a lot you can do on your own and with your hires, although SITE can take it to that next level. We understand the market, what it demands from employees and the bosses even higher up the totem pole. We then use this knowledge to the best of our ability, expertly matching staff with the position they’re most suited for and providing all the support you could possibly need to keep business running smoothly. And we do all of this while also saving you time and money.

Not only that, but we’re also able to work within a variety of different industries and can offer ideal solutions no matter your individual needs. Whether you need placement for industrial jobs, skilled technical labor, professional positions, or management, SITE has your back. And with over 25 years serving the Wisconsin market and countless happy clients, that’s become a well-proven fact. Contact us today, though, to see it for yourself.


Client and Candidate Connected

SITE is a lot of things, but we’re not just another staffing agency. Instead, we operate as an extension of your HR department, treating your business like our own and offering you all the resources you need to guarantee success. Luckily, we’ve got this in spades and can deliver. Perhaps our most prominent and hugely critical resource is our extensive, comprehensive database.

Filled with over 100,000 people who specialize in everything from fabrication to data entry to reception, engineering, and more, there’s practically no position we can’t fill for you. Rest assured – our database isn’t only expansive. It’s sophisticated and efficient, too. We take our screening seriously and compile as much information as humanly possible for candidates and clients alike. Our account leads will, well, lead you through the whole process, taking time to truly understand your business and its needs. Your job requirements, company culture, and preferences are all carefully noted and reviewed, comparing it up with thousands of potential candidates.


We then only send along the most qualified talent for the job but don’t treat it as impersonally as some agencies. Instead, we push to build relationships and strong business connections regardless of the role length in question. Temporary? Short-term? Long-term? It doesn’t matter to us. We simply focus on finding the right fit and encouraging respectful partnerships where everyone can grow and learn. It’s the SITE Staffing difference, and we pride ourselves on it.