SITE Staffing Theme for 2018: Who have I helped today?


SITE Staffing Theme for 2018

Here at SITE Staffing we’re committed to doing all we can to improve the lives of our clients and employees. When our owner, Jeff Wein, was asked what was at the core of our company’s philosophy going into the new year, he responded quite simply: helping people.

Yes, we’re a business, and making money is important, but getting bogged down by the numbers is no way to provide a valuable staffing service to the community. You do it by asking: “who have I helped today?” You do it by taking that initiative, doing right by one person and then the next, remembering that people come before the numbers, and matching the right candidates with the right companies. With that, the money will follow, for all parties involved. Which is why that’s our theme for 2018: Who have I helped today?

New Feature: Employee of the Month

In line with that thinking, we’ve started a new opportunity to showcase some of our best employees and celebrate their success: the Employee of the Month! This isn’t limited to just one employee, instead we’re shooting for 2-3 every month, one per department. We’ve already done the first round in December and are looking forward to awarding the new winners for January. You stand to win a certificate signed by the owner Jeff Wein and Recruitment Manager Brenna Ratajczyk, along with a mystery gift card.

How do you win? Any number of ways, there are no set qualifications: successfully get hired on at your company, consistently show up on time to assignments on short notice, overcome major difficulties while still performing quality work, you name it. Show your recruiter what you can do and you may earn yourself a nomination, and from that pool of nominations we’ll pick the winners every month. Depending on your company, we may even show up at work and surprise you!

But of course, even if you don’t happen to win, SITE appreciates the great work you do and will help you reach your goals any way we can. This is a new feature and it may change as the year goes on, so stay tuned and keep up the good work! Happy 2018 from all of us here at SITE Staffing.