Meet Your Recruiter: Emmanuel Trujillo

SITE Staffing Recruiter Profile Series

Emmanuel Trujillo is a dedicated staffing manager who helps the SITE Staffing candidates find the perfect jobs for them. Get to know Emmanuel in our recruiter profile series!

What’s a typical “day in the life” for you as a manager and how does that differ from the recruiters you supervise?

Emmanuel: The first thing you want to do when you walk in is make sure everything went well from the previous day: following up to make sure you had a good day in dispatching; following up with your customers. Sometimes I have scheduled client visits, so I’ll check my calendar for those too, but otherwise it’s mostly a lot of calling, throwing out lines. It could be a candidate we’re interviewing, or it could be a potential customer we’re looking into. With the position I’m in, it’s a little bit of everything.

If there’s a tough order out there that we have to fill, it’s really important to coordinate all the team members in the office, making sure they’re helping out and supporting each other. Each account has a designated account rep, but not all accounts are busy at the same time, so if someone has a little more time on their hands, they can help out with other accounts that are generating orders and need the support. It’s kind of a balancing act getting everyone work when they need it. But communication is key, since not everyone knows who’s working on what, so I keep track of the big picture.

How did you get into this field/what appeals to you about it?

Emmanuel: I’ve actually done recruiting for a long time. I initially started recruiting when I worked at UPS. That was my first job, just getting out of high school, and they needed help doing recruitment on college campuses: UWM, Marquette, MATC, etc. so I was doing a lot of recruitment there for their loader/unloader positions and driver helpers. Then from there I actually joined the SITE team, which I’d say was about 12 years ago, recruiting for general labor and forklift operators, which my experience at UPS helped with a lot.

After staying in staffing for quite some time I eventually moved to a Production Supervisor position with one of SITE’s longtime clients. That was interesting, to finally see things from the other side of staffing. Now that I’m back at SITE it feels like I’ve come full circle. After going out with our sales team to meet with clients I thought to myself: “Wow, I actually know what the production supervisor is talking about!” – it really was an invaluable experience, since now I can easily relate to what their staffing needs are. Ultimately my thing has always been working with people and helping people – I find that really rewarding.

What do you like about working for SITE in particular?

Emmanuel: I believe that we’re really in touch with the people – it’s not just fill out the application and go to work. We take our time to go through the whole process, to properly orientate the candidate, and talk to them about the position. We obviously want to make sure this is a good fit between the client and candidate, and that means a time investment. Which goes for the client side as well: if they’re happy with the candidates we’re giving them, they’ll give us more business, so it’s a win-win.

Returning to SITE as a manager I still enjoy recruiting and you’ll still find me interviewing candidates. But I also like working with the customers as well and helping them out. So ultimately it’s a position I love, where I get the best of both worlds. I also love coaching my fellow recruiters and team members, giving them staffing questions and scenarios to help them work out the best solutions and find different ideas.

Do you have any tips for those job hunting, such as for resumes or interviews?

Emmanuel: Sure! One of the golden rules: it’s always easier to find a job with a job. So before you just decide to up and leave if you’re unhappy where you are, just remember that old saying and be sure to have something lined up.

What do you like to do in your free time? Hobbies? Family?

Emmanuel: I’ve got a big family: four kids and my wife. I’m constantly taking them everywhere: my son’s in wrestling, one of my daughters is in gymnastics, and the other’s in dance, so watching their games and practices and being their chauffeur driver is my full-time job outside of SITE.

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