10 Resume Templates for Creatives

Looking for a new resume template? You came to the right place! Our team of expert recruiters has collected over 500 of the best resume templates on the internet and created a really easy-to-use library of them. You can check it out here!

In the meantime, we’ve listed out 10 of our personal favorite resume templates for creatives below. Take a look and see what stands out to you!


1) Turquoise, Gray


This resume template uses a beautiful combination of turquoise and gray to provide a calm, modern feel.

The template itself includes a sleek area for skills using a rating system, as well as a clean layout for your work experience and education.

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2) Pink, Black, White

creative-resume-templateIf you consider yourself more of an “artist,” try this paint-brush-influenced resume template.

With all Canva templates, colors are customizable, but as-is, this template uses a bold pink/purple to ensure all the sections stand out on their own. Plus, it uses a healthy amount of the top of the template for your name.

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3) Green, Yellow

creative-resume-templateAre you a fan of icons? This creative resume template uses these visual aides to call out important information like your education and any relevant certificates you have achieved.

With this resume template, you’ll also have a great opportunity to visually demonstrate your skills and use a “timeline” approach to your work history.

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4) Navy, Yellow

creative-resume-templateThis navy and yellow resume template is bold, and is perfect for someone looking to really stand out during the application process.

With a mixture of creative visuals (like icons) and straightforward content (bulleted lists), this resume is a winner.

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5) Salmon, Black


This sleek resume template leverages icons, a skills rating system, social media profiles, and a bold area for your name – what’s not to love?

One of the more unique templates out there, this option uses a really creative “headshot” icon.

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6) Red, Yellow

creative-resume-templateOutside of the bold contrasting color scheme, this resume is pretty straightforward, using blocks for headers for all of the important sections.

An especially cool feature of this resume template is the percentage system used in the tools area (just remember to be honest!).

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7) Black, White

creative-resume-templateDesigned for creatives, this black and white “splatter” resume template us bold yet simple, and edgy yet professional.

This resume will stand out during the application process, and really showcases your personality, too.

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8) Orange, Purple

creative-resume-templateSpeaking of bold resume templates, this selection from Canva is 100% bold. It uses a creative color scheme, icons, and bold header to get right to the point.

One of the most creative elements of this template would have to be the introduction area at the top.

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9) Gray, Blue

Are you more of a minimalistic creative? This resume template may be for you.

Relying on a beautiful color combination and simple layout, this modern template is ideal for the modern creative.

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10) Mint, White

creative-resume-templateWho doesn’t love mint? This creative resume template uses a centralized layout to help you stand out.

With icons, an initial callout, and timeline view, this template is perfect for those looking for something creative, fun, and modern.

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