10 Resume Templates for Professionals

Looking for a new resume template? You came to the right place! Our team of expert recruiters has collected over 500 of the best resume templates on the internet and created a really easy-to-use library of them. You can check it out here!

In the meantime, we’ve listed out 10 of our personal favorite resume templates for professionals below. Take a look and see what stands out to you!


1) Dark Blue, Grey, Red


Just because you are applying for a professional role, it doesn’t mean you need to be dull.

This sleek template uses dark colors with a pop of red to call attention to the really important parts, plus, the layout uses a column and lines to help organize everything in an appealing way.

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2) Turquoise, White

professional-resume-template-site-staffingIf you’re looking to really pop in the application process, adding a (big) splash of color can be a good start.

This template uses a really beautiful blue/turquoise to catch the hiring manager’s eye, and lays everything out in an easily digestible way.

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3) Yellow, White

resume-templates-for-professionalsThis unique resume template uses a smart layout that draws attention to your work experience and skills.

The skills section uses a rating style to show potential employers where you are strongest. Plus, the sleek pattern over the yellow side adds a level of creative design to the resume.

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4) Photo

resume-templates-for-studentsLooking for something other than color to spice up your resume? This resume template has space for you to add an image to help you stand out.

You could use this space for a photo of you or just something simple that matches your style and experience.

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5) Shades of Blue

professional-resume-templatesThis beautiful resume template is definitely eye-catching, as it uses two shades of blue to stand out.

The template also offers professionals a sharp rating system and two areas for potential photos, including a headshot and hero image.

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6) Red, White

resume-templateThis resume template is straightforward-yet-beautiful.

The unique timeline layout for your work history helps employers get a snapshot of your experiences, and the extra space for contact information and a brief blurb about you helps a ton.

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7) Light Blue

resume-template-freeThis resume template is 100% blue, which can really set your resume apart from the dozens of plain-white resumes in the application tray.

Plus, it offers plenty of space to share your experiences and skill set, as well as a brief profile to share more about you.

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8) Yellow, Photo

Similar to the layout in #5, this resume template offers candidates (like you) the chance to share a headshot with your resume, which can really help you stand out during the review process.

The template also uses a dynamic color scheme and a smart layout to get the important information across quickly.

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9) Grey, Black

resume-templatesLooking for a minimalistic resume template? This simple, yet classy, template uses sleek boxes to organize the important information.

It also uses a rating bar system to showcase your skills to potential employers.

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10) Blue, Grey

minimal-resume-templateThis is another minimalist resume template perfect for young professionals.

The resume template uses an smooth icon in the corner, plus large heads to really draw in the attention of the reviewer.

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