Seasonal Jobs You (Probably) Haven’t Considered

While on the job hunt, you likely have seen several postings for seasonal employment. You may have breezed passed them because you’re looking for full-time employment, or maybe because the term “seasonal” automatically makes you think of holiday retail.

But seasonal employment isn’t just from November through December. In fact, all seasons — no matter the weather — hold the potential for you to find a job, even if it’s temporary, due to demand for people like yourself! Here are a few seasonal jobs that you might not have considered:


When: Between January 1 and April 15

Everyone needs tax help, from an owner of a small coffee shop to the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation. Don’t overlook a seasonal job in taxes just because you’re not a Certified Public Accountant.

On top of jobs that are numbers-oriented (tax preparer, audit associate, tax advisory on the federal, state or local level), administrative assistants are also in high demand as accounting firms prepare and work through tax season.


When: Peak months are May, June, September and October

Brides, grooms, wedding planners and family members always need outside help for their big day. From hand-lettering the invitations to wedding photography to providing music to performing the nuptials themselves, weddings hold one of the biggest needs for independent contractors as well as hires based on recommendation.

But if none of the aforementioned jump out, think of what talents you have and how they can be used for a celebration of love!

Event Planning

When: Varies

If you’re an organized individual who likes to see the fruits of their labor in real time, event planning might be for you! Think about any street festival, charity function, corporate dinner or city commemoration you’ve attended: They all need event planning, and one person can’t do it all.

At the beginning of each year, event planners see an influx of business as organizations, families and other groups reach out to plan their next 12 months. Depending on the types of events you want to plan and what’s immediately around you, this certainly could grow to be a year-round position. To get into the business, start volunteering in events in your city and network from there.


When: Primarily spring and summer

If you’re not planning a festival itself, making yourself available to work them is a great idea. From ticketing to beverage and food distribution to administration and beyond, festivals rely on either volunteers or paid hires for many jobs.

As previously mentioned with event planning, networking is key to find out far in advance what festivals are happening and what’s needed. This way, organizers and planners can already have you on their call list and you won’t miss out on the work or the money.


When: Holiday season

Think about all the online shopping people do throughout the holidays. For every driver of a delivery service like FedEx, UPS or similar, there are many others who work behind the scenes, sorting and organizing shipments to go out at several locations near you.

And that number increases dramatically during the season of gift-giving. If you want a job that will keep you active, working in a warehouse for a shipping company is an easy way to lock that down!

Next Steps

If you’re looking for a seasonal job or a temporary job in the Milwaukee area, try giving the SITE Staffing job board a look! We update it daily with new opportunities, with everything from administrative jobs to industrial careers.

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