If you’ve never worked a temporary job or with a staffing agency before, you might be wondering what you could get out of it – why not continue applying to job sites on your own the old-fashioned way? While temporary employment isn’t for everyone, there are definitely some benefits you should consider!

1) Flexibility

This is one of the most obvious advantages, since at SITE Staffing, for example, you can specify what shifts, hours per week, and length of assignments you’re interested in or available for. Whether it’s school, parenting, caregiving, or some other commitment, many people simply can’t work a full-time job but need to supplement their income.

2) Continue to Work During Your Search for a Full-Time Position

Periods of unemployment can easily stretch out, and with all that inactivity it can be hard to find the motivation to treat the job search like a job itself. Not to mention the lack of an income stream. Temporary jobs can give you something to busy yourself with while your “real” job search continues, while putting money in your pocket at the same time.

3) Temp-to-Hire Possibilities

Some companies offer the opportunity to be hired permanently, after a trial period where they can evaluate whether you’re a good fit for them and YOU can evaluate whether the company is a good fit for you. It’s a “foot in the door” that works both ways.

4) Learn New Skills and Meet New People

Maybe you’re fresh out of school and need real world experience, or maybe you’re interested in changing careers and need to develop new experiences – either way, temporary jobs can help you learn a variety of skills in many industries. Networking is also vital to any career, and you’ll have ample opportunities to make favorable impressions and valuable connections as you build on your work history.

5) You Can Still Have Insurance

A common worry is that temporary employment means no chance for insurance, but at SITE, for example, we offer affordable coverage for Medical, Dental, Disability, Life, Vision, Illness, and Accident insurance that starts just a week after you start. That’s compared to the one to three months you have to wait for most employers.

6) Build a Valuable Relationship with a Recruiter

Given the tumultuous state of the economy, many people have worked with us off and on for years, coming back whenever they need some help. Getting to know your recruiter means you’ll always have someone in your corner who knows your work history and needs, someone who can vouch for your work ethic and utilize their connections to find the right fit for you.

7) You Never Know, You Just Might Prefer It

While the inconsistent nature of temporary employment can be intimidating, some people come to find the flexibility and variety of work a better fit to their lifestyle. Temporary jobs come with their own responsibilities of course, but their short duration means you can try out many different industries instead of settling for just one. This can be especially ideal if you’re interested in pursuing freelancing, self-employment, personal projects, or traveling, all of which might be hampered by a traditional nine-to-five. And when you’re ready, you can always get back to work with SITE.

Find Your Next Job

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