What’s It Like to Work with a Staffing Agency?

work-with-staffing-agencyMaybe you’re fresh out of school and uncertain how to navigate the job market – maybe you’re still in school and need flexibility around your class schedule – maybe the company you’ve worked at for the last ten years closed down and now you need to get back into the job search – or maybe you’re currently employed but want a change in career but don’t know where to start. 

People come to staffing companies for a variety of reasons, looking for help to find the elusive job that actually meets their needs. But many people don’t come to staffing companies, simply because they’re unclear about what they do. Instead, they toil away at resumes and scroll endlessly through job sites on their own.

I was certainly in that camp, wary of companies that would put me in a random temporary position without catering to my needs, treating me like a number instead of an employee.

But since coming to this industry I’ve grown to see staffing agencies completely differently: more like the helpful school guidance counselor who listens to your problems, gives you great advice on that term paper, suggests what clubs might interest you, helps you fill out paperwork for college or scholarships, and answers questions you may have about the future.

The kind that gives you the straight talk everyone needs, the honesty when you screw up but also the advice of how to do better. And I certainly never talked to my school counselor often enough, struggling on my own even when I knew they could be a great help.

That’s just what a good staffing agency should do: listen to your needs, give you advice on your resume or interview etiquette, suggest what open positions they have that might interest you, help you fill out that bundle of paperwork necessary for any job, answer your questions about certain positions, insurance, or unemployment – all while bringing their years of experience to the table. And if you make a mistake or get canceled from an assignment, they’ll be honest with you and tell you how to improve. So long as you make an effort to do so, they’ll continue to work with you and find something new that might be a better fit.

It’s that level of personalized commitment that I never expected from this industry, how a relationship can be formed between employee and recruiter that can last years off and on, popping up whenever the employee needs help, a change, or simply advice – it’s certainly a practical relationship for employment on both sides, but also an encouraging human experience in general, and I’m happy to have found my way to it.

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