20 of the Best Online Job Hunting Resources

online-job-hunting-resourcesFor most people, finding a new job is both exciting and daunting — after all, making sure you find the right position for you is a big deal. To help you get that dream job, or, just your next position, here are 20 of the best online job hunting resources.


A great blog can do a lot for your career prospects, as it can give you some important tips or insights, or help provide you with some additional perspective. Here are 5 of our favorite job-hunting blogs!

1) Mashable Jobs

Mashable is a tech and culture website that covers a wide stream of news and opinion posts. One of the best topics they cover is the job market, providing everything from interview tips to big picture news that affects the American job market. It’s a great place to catch up on the latest trends in the market.

2) CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is a great one-stop-shop when it comes to job hunting resources. Their blog covers need-to-know career topics, like salary info, common interview questions, and how to stand out during the interview process. Plus, they offer a wide selection of resources and even a job board, too.

3) Hired – Candidate Blog

The ‘Candidate Blog’ from Hired.com is a great resource for those looking for professional or business-oriented positions. They have some great posts and advice for engineers, developers, marketers, finance professionals, and more. If you’re looking for a professional job, this is a great place to get some tips.

4) Work It Daily

The blog over at Work It Daily is packed full of job hunting resources. They also have a lot of great content aimed at people who are thinking about quitting their current job (how to do it, reasons you should vs. shouldn’t, etc.). Plus, it is a great resource even after you find a job, with helpful posts about working in an office setting.

5) Reddit

While not a traditional blog, Reddit is a great place to have a dialog about the job market. r/jobs is a forum-like website where users can submit articles, tips, videos, and other job-related resources and discuss them. This is a great place to get some perspective from all kinds of people (good or bad).

Tips & Tools

From tip sheets to resume builders and training courses, the rights tips and tools can make the difference in the job hunt. Here are some of our personal recommendations!

6) The Muse | Resume Tips

The Muse is a well-known resource in the career space, with great information for every job seeker. One of their best resources is this list of ’43 Resume Tips That Will Help You Get Hired.’ Check out their great tips!

Bonus: Check out SITE Staffing’s take on resume formatting here!

7) The Muse | Cover Letter Tips 

Just like the resume tips provided in the post above, Muse’s ’31 Tips You Need to Know’ about writing the perfect cover letter is really insightful. If you are at the point where you are applying for specific positions, you’ll definitely want to craft the perfect cover letter.

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8) Uptowork Resume Builder

Need a new resume? The Uptowork Resume builder is a great tool that lets you design a modern resume all online. The tool itself is fast and easy to use and comes with 20 clean and modern templates to get started.

9) LiveCareer Resume Builder

LiveCareer is another online resume builder that allows you start with a template, enter in your information, and create your very own modern resume. It’s super easy to use and you can have a new resume in minutes!

10) LiveCareer Interview Game Plan

Are you a nervous interviewer? LiveCareer has another great resource for you called ‘The Interview Game Plan.’ This free video walks you through some common questions and provides you with the tools you need to have a great interview.

Bonus: Check out SITE Staffing’s ‘Ultimate Interview Prep Packet’ here!

Research Tools

When you are on the job hunt, an important step in the process is doing your homework on the company you are considering applying to. Here are 5 research tools to help you make the right decision!

11) Glassdoor

Glassdoor is the most well-known tool in this space. It provides some important information to the job seeker, including employer reviews and grades, common interview questions at each company, and historical data on salaries at the company.

12) Kununu

Kununu is similar to Glassdoor in that it serves as a place for current and past employees to review their employer. Kununu will average the reviews and provide an organization with a score from 1 to 5, and will also show you similar employers in the same industry and area that you could consider applying for.

13) Vault

Vault is a database used to rank employers in specific industries. For example, you can use Vault to see the top ranked law firms, accounting firms, banking firms, auto companies, and more. It’s a great tool to use during the job hunt!

14) LinkedIn

If you haven’t joined LinkedIn yet, this should be your top priority during your job hunt. LinkedIn serves as an online networking experience where you can post your job experience and even apply for jobs directly online. It’s a must-have for today’s job seeker.

15) Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a great resource for those looking for a job with a small business, as you can see how well a company grades out with one of the most trusted resources out there.

Job Search Websites

Finally, once you’ve done your homework on potential employers and have the perfect resume all formatted and ready to go, you’ll need to actually apply for some positions. Here are 5 of the best job search websites out there!

16) Indeed

Indeed has become the most popular job search website out there, with millions of job posts currently online. The website allows you to create an account, save jobs, apply for your phone, and even upload your resume to be found be potential employers.

17) Monster

Monster, just like Indeed, has millions of jobs in their database, and they offer a handful of helpful job hunting resources. Plus, Monster offers some additional important information like company profiles and reviews.

18) WayUp

WayUp is a great resource for new college grads looking for an internship or entry-level position. Formerly called Campus Job, this platform helps the younger generation find jobs and has tailored their resources to college grads.

19) Big Shoes Network

Big Shoes Network is another job search website dedicated to college students/grads, but it is tailored to the creative industry, with positions in marketing, graphic design, social media, and web design being the main types of posts you will find here.

20) Your Local Staffing Agency

Wherever you are currently located, there is (hopefully) a great staffing agency near you that can help you find the right job for you. Here at SITE Staffing, we primarily work with job seekers in the Greater Milwaukee Area, and offer a daily-updated job board with the latest positions in professional, administrative, industrial, and technical fields. Check it out!


What’s Next?

If you’re interested in partnering with SITE Staffing to find your next job or career, tell us about yourself here! You can also check out a few of our most popular job hunting resources below. Happy job hunting!