What ‘Workforce Solutions’ Means for HR Departments

It was announced this month that the unemployment rate in Wisconsin is 3.7% — the lowest it has been since November 2000 (Department of Workforce Development).

Anyone in HR knows that while this is great for the job seekers, it makes recruiting top talent much more difficult. That’s one of the reasons that most HR departments are turning to staffing agencies to provide solutions to their workforce shortages.

At SITE Staffing, we provide a myriad of workforce solutions to help our clients navigate the rough waters that recruiting has become. For those new to this type of partnership, here are some of the workforce solutions that a staffing agency can provide for your company.

1) Understanding Trends

Working with many different companies and interviewing (literally) hundreds of applicants per week allows an agency full of recruiters to get a broader picture of what is going on in the workforce.

Is the pay rate you’re offering on par with other similar openings/companies? Is one of your requirements eliminating a lot of otherwise great candidates? Is part of your onboarding process unnecessarily confusing? A recruiter outside of your company will be able to answer all of these questions and more.

A few years ago, I worked with a client who required a fairly difficult physics test be passed by every entry level candidate before being offered the job. After giving the test several times (and taking it myself), I showed the client what the test was costing them in terms of qualified candidates. I offered them an alternative test that our agency had created that would still test the for the knowledge that was required but wouldn’t unnecessarily eliminate additional candidates. We tailored the test to the client’s needs and they have been using it successfully ever since.

2) Collecting and Analyzing Data

One workforce solution that clients have come to depend on is having access to customized reports that break down exactly what is happening with their employees. Although the software varies from one agency to another, every agency should be able to quickly provide you with statistics on how much you spend, how many people were assigned to work for you at any point in time, and a detailed analysis of why employees turnover.

With that information, you can make the decision of how to reduce turnover, and thereby reduce overall costs. At SITE Staffing, we have someone who specializes in creating and customizing reports according to our clients’ needs. Could your company benefit from that?

3) Skill Assessments and Employee Training

Wouldn’t it be great to know if an applicant really does have as much Microsoft Excel experience as they claim? How about data entry, call center, or accounting experience?

We offer thorough testing on those skills and many more. Being able to review these test results at the same time as you review the resume gives you the complete picture of the candidate you are considering and likely eliminates a few candidates that aren’t as strong as you need them to be.

We also offer job specific safety training and orientations for all our clients. The employees come to you prepared to start the job, reducing the time spent by your supervisors and trainers on the first day. After all, the saying “time equals money” is a cliché for a reason.

4) Coaching and Counseling

Some of the very best employees can get off to a rough start or have “hiccups” now and then, and in a lot of these situations, a simple lack of understanding is the culprit.

That is why we have a clear system of coaching, counseling, and (when necessary) verbal and written warnings. The goal of these corrective action steps is to fix the problem and keep the employee who our client has already invested time and money into training, and the steps are incredibly effective.

We monitor an employee’s performance, attendance, and attitude, and work to address all concerns before they become insurmountable.

5) Cost Savings

One of the biggest problems with recruiting top talent internally is the costs incurred. SITE Staffing covers unemployment, workman’s compensation, and employee tax costs – not only saving our clients money, but also saving them the time and frustration associated with each.

We have experts in each field who understand the intricacies of the laws and handle each case with exactness. They are also available as resources when our clients are working through cases with internal staff. This is a workforce solution that many of our clients have come to depend on.

6) Casting a Wide Net

With more than 20 recruiters searching for candidates, SITE Staffing is able to reach a lot of people. We are constantly finding new ways to attract top talent and reach those passive candidates. The skills that our recruiters polish all day every day make them great at what they do, but it also becomes a number game.

As our recruiters speak with hundreds of candidates each day, they are reviewing all of our current openings for potential matches. We also use social media, job fairs, and every job board available to connect with candidates. The low unemployment rate means that we have gotten more creative and competitive in the way we recruit, and we cast a wide net in order to find the very best talent.

Next Steps

Recruiting and staffing in today’s market is tough! Let SITE Staffing provide the workforce solutions that your company needs. Contact us today to get started!